"A4 ARCHITETTURA INTEGRATA" is an associate study that has been working since 2001; its attempt is to develop and to deepen - in line with the experiences matured in the past - topics about the processes of urban and extra-urban territory's transformation through its upgrading to the urban and architectural scale. It deals with different fields, placing side by side the most relevant contributions of the avant-guard technologies, the innovative materials and the alternative energies to the technical-applicative aspects and to the historical implications. Architect Liza Lombardo liza.lombardo@a4arch.it
Architect Toto Rinaldi toto.rinaldi@a4arch.it
Architect Daniela Cavallero daniela.cavallero@a4arch.it

Architect Silvia Nano silvia.nano@a4arch.it
Int. Designer Federica Pagliano federica.pagliano@a4arch.it
Architect Luca Zanon luca.zanon@a4arch.it
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